Do you know how much Geetu Royal received for her game in Bigg Boss 6?

Do you know how much Geetu Royal received for her game in Bigg Boss 6?

Tollywood News: Geetu Royal, the famous contestant of the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu got evicted last week. But she was one of the famous anchors at the time of Pushpa’s release. Before that, people did not know who she was.

But when she got eliminated, fans are left in shock because everyone thought that she would be in the top 5 contestants. But unfortunately, that did not happen even when she is playing a good game her overconfidence got this situation that irritated everyone and as a result, faces elimination.

We are continuously witnessing all those people who got eliminated from the house saying negative things about Big Boss in their interviews. Well, do you know how much Geetu paid for participating in big boss 6? as per the information and the trusted sources, it is believed that Geetu was receiving Rs, 30 thousand per week.

Geetu was in the house for 9 weeks, so she received a good amount of remuneration of 2.7 lakh, after elimination. However, from the inside talk of the house, which is not revealed as of now, the big boss team has given more amount to Geetu Royal, estimated is around, she received up to Rs 5 Lakh.

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